Angry Birds Classic

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  1. angry birds free says:

    thanks for this game! i liked your website on facebook and share with my friends! my sister plays angry birds rio :))

  2. gina says:

    this game is nice but loads a lil` bit hard..i prefer play angry birds rio

  3. angelica jimenez says:


  4. gerard says:

    thanks very much for angry birds! i-m loving it

  5. anthony asta says:

    Great game

  6. gabriel says:

    will not load

  7. i now bat i love that game thiva sineka laksikakriatika mathulini nisalini

  8. i like that brird hahahahahaha laksika
    and thiva
    kkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiisssssssssssstttttttttiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaa if you se thiva sineka laksika math nisa

  9. mario says:

    this version of angy birds is nice but it-s loads very hard. i prefer playing the 1st one ..on the 1st page of this angry birds site. thanks

  10. Mas says:

    Best . . very entertaining . .

  11. kkjogadia says:

    I lovely real like this osomeeeee game

  12. sathish kumar says:


  13. atik says:


  14. brian says:


  15. bea says:

    this game is awsome

  16. bea says:

    this is saw cool and amazing

  17. matewwwasda says:

    this angry bird version load a lil` bit hard..but is nice

  18. shireen says:

    i really love 2 play angry birds games :)

  19. kay says:

    Love the game

  20. ur mom says:


  21. doni says:

    angry birds is the best game!!! nice work!

  22. siavash says:

    very good game.but load hard

  23. Ron says:

    vv nice but load takes 1hour.

  24. vuduu says:

    this is the best game!i play angry birds free net every day! can you add more flash games here?

  25. angry man says:

    can you add some more angry birds games ?

  26. ioo says:

    i really love this angry birds game! i play every day when im at pc

  27. kerry says:

    BRILL GAME LOVE KILLIN they wee gigglin Pigs lol <3x

  28. manii says:

    i read a report, take a look : “The birds that killer of pigs can be also harmful for consumers. And after Jason Hong – Associate Professor of the Institute for human-computer interaction at the University of Carnegie-Mellon in the United States, 95% of users of Angry Birds never thought a second, that personal information can collect the game and still… According to this Professor, angry birds can hands on our site, our sex, the Smartphone model on the information of our contacts and our social networks. All this for a lucrative resale purpose. “

  29. sophie says:

    i love angry birds :)

  30. angry birds free says:

    he survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the eggs of birds. U.S. The unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste paragraph Pigs fortified castles. Angry Birds Game Characteristics hours without challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Use logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy para.

  31. for admin angry birds says:

    thanks for all games but please add one angry birds free version for pccccc thanksss

  32. sahitya says:

    how to download
    i m unable to download this

  33. matushka says:

    i love angry birds game!!

  34. ruinne says:

    i played all games from angry birds site but this is the best!

  35. brody says:

    i love angry birds :)

  36. cuolio says:

    classic is good!

  37. dennis 2013 says:

    i think this is the best online game

  38. rottar says:

    thanks richard for reccommended me this angry birds game

  39. ghiun says:

    probably the best angry birds game ive playedd

  40. Amaterasu says:

    LOVE IT… except somehow i glitch and the whole screen becomes blue (by whole screen i mean game screen) and also the birds all vanish.

Game Info: Angry Birds Classic

How to Play:

Angry Birds Classic - is the 1st and the most swf game on internet . You must wait until the game start , after that you must destroy the boxes.

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