Angry Birds Free Bad Pigs

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11 Responses to “Angry Birds Free Bad Pigs”

  1. david says:

    hi all.thanks for this new game that uv added here. very nice this angry birds!

  2. sioux says:

    thanks…this is more relaxed

  3. angry birds says:

    hi guys.great website.i-m playng every day angry birds!!

  4. angry fan says:

    can you add some more angry birds games please ?

  5. eithan says:

    Grrat game .

  6. eithan says:

    So far angry birds most interesting in this
    wild field

  7. Kaylaa(: says:

    I love it (: In school playing it with

  8. alyssa says:

    i threw a wish in the well don’t mess me i’ll never tell i look to you as a fell and now your in my way i dream

  9. marcelo jara says:


  10. Jan Anderson says:

    Jan Anderson ยท Auckland, New Zealand

    I have been playing angry birds bad pigs, but when I win the second stage and win that it wont allow me to open stage 3 Anyone know why.
    Look forward to a reply

  11. richard says:

    anyway good job for this awsome angry birds game

Game Info: Angry Birds Free Bad Pigs

How to Play:

You must eliminate with your angry birds all bad pigs !

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