Angry Birds Hunting

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9 Responses to “Angry Birds Hunting”

  1. very nice this gameee. thanks a lot for this update i love angry birds hunting!

  2. chris says:


  3. charli says:

    goooooooooooooood 1

  4. philippe says:

    hunting angry birdsss !!! nicee

  5. maylay says:

    very nice. I like to play it.

  6. vladimir says:

    next time i will be more im tired and i cant concetrade to the game :))

  7. hunting says:

    goood game!!i will share to my friends

  8. yuvraj says:

    wow wonder ful this is my best game

  9. marik says:

    wonderful angry birds gameee

Game Info: Angry Birds Hunting

How to Play:

Use your angry birds to hunt all your enemies !

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